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IOVIO & Qualibrate joint strategy

April 15, 2021
2 min read

Traditional models for the development of SAP applications no longer support the fast pace required of successful modern software delivery.

IOVIO empowers customers to deliver SAP systems faster following modern software development paradigms such as DevOps. Through continuous integration, continuous development, continuous deployment and continuous improvement IOVIO helps customers to deliver more functionality, more frequently, with less risk and effort.


Customers are embarking on digital transformation journeys to increase their productivity and to foster innovation. Current expectations are that Enterprise platforms such as SAP must be able to provide high performign systems that can facilitate constant, iterative improvements and give customers a competitive advantage. Businesses that can’t continually adapt will become obsolete and be replaced with organizations who are more agile.

Critical for our customer sucess is to be able to manage constant improvements to their platforms and services but without risk to the business.

Traditional Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) change and release methods which are often slow, manual, and opaque are slowing down innovation and hindering the business potential inside our customer organizations.


IOVIO and Qualibrate have developed a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solution, which leverages on industry standard tools such as Jenkins and Github and support development both on SAP Cloud Platform and also on classic on-premise SAP ABAP & Java developments.

This integrated solution is designed, trialed, and built as a platform to manage the continuous delivery of business value with fast-feedback loops and defect prevention through early validation checks.

This solution provides the platform for customers to configure, develop, test, reply and monitor more efficiently, with more control and with less effort.

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